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The history of Snowbird Transportation - a proud family tradition continues.

Founded in: 1979

Founded by: Ed McAlpine, originally as a second career, with just one cargo van, distributing “The

Independent” (Grimsby newspaper publication), but soon branched out to other publications,

recycling and distributing fruit, auto parts, wine and containers. Ed McAlpine was a visionary

who pioneered the recycling program in Niagara region and helped to make residents aware of

the need to preserve Canada’s Natural resources. He was the recipient of a Lifetime

Achievement Award for the Environment of Ontario for significantly contributing to minimization

of waste in Ontario. He was characterized with selfless determination and a commitment to

reliability and being an asset to the community in which Snowbird served.

Louisa, Ed's daughter has been an integral part of the business since she was just 15 years old and currently serves as President to the rapidly expanding company. Under Louisa's leadership the company has grown in size while continuing to embody the founding principals of Service #1 and treating customers and team members with respect and professionalism.

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