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About Us


Snowbird Transportation is proud to be a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Hamilton community for almost four decades. The company was founded by Ed McAlpine and is currently lead by his daughter Louisa McAlpine.
How did we get from our humble beginnings to being your Hamilton connection? The history of Snowbird Transportation is not only a source of pride to the current team of Snowbird employees but it's also an excellent example of hard work paying off for both the founders and the community. 
Ed McAlpine was a pioneer in the Niagara region recycling business. In early 1980, Ed and his daughters noticed a lot of newspapers piled at the end of driveways for garbage pick up. He decided to start a Saturday morning pick up for recycling papers for free. His recycling business grew to include glass, cans and plastics and in 1992, Ed was recognized for his work in recycling with an award from then Ontario Environment Minister Ruth Grier.
To read more about Ed McAlpine and the roots of Snowbird Transportation please click here. 
And now in 2018 Snowbird Transportation has earned a reputation for premier LTL, TL, Cross-Dock, handling Dangerous Goods and Tailgate Services. We also offer a modern warehouse serving Hamilton, Burlington and all of Ontario.  
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